5 Layering Combinations That Are Worth Trying

Layering isn’t a new trend – we all know how to wear our favourite button-down under a sweater – but the latest runway collections seem to heading to a bolder and unexpected direction when it comes to layering separates. From a strapless top over a work shirt and an evening dress over pants, it’s a clear sign that layering’s got a new set of high-fashion styles and it’s as follows.


  1. Turtleneck Under a Dress. If the runways would serve as the indicator, then layering a dress over a tight turtleneck is the next big thing this season. Pairing up your skimpy party dress with a turtleneck is a good way to temper its overt sex appeal and wear it in broad daylight. Plus, we’re more than willing to bet that you already have these pieces sitting in your closet.


  1. Evening Dress Over Pants. Unlike what we expected, this skirt-over-pants trend actually elevates both pieces with a more unexpected take. Wide-legged pants with narrow sheaths are the preferred pants for this style, but leather pants can also give some justice to this look. Just opt for a pair of leather pants with enough slouch so that they won’t look like footless tights.


  1. Sweater Vests Over Blouses. A fan of the 1970’s style? Then this retro pairing is the perfect layering combination for you. The best way to go with this style is to top a printed sleeveless knit over a pussy bow blouse – an achingly modern take on the favourite retro look.


  1. Shirtdress and Skirt. Although some designers are fond of this getup, the skirt-and-shirtdress pairing is still among the less common layer look. You can easily pull off this look by wearing a wrap skirt over your favourite shirtdress, or the other take where you’ll wear your shirtdress over your sleek pencil skirt.


  1. Strapless Piece Over Shirt. Strapless pieces are considered to be inherently sexy. Luckily, designers were able to come up with a look that instantly tempers the sexiness of the said piece through tight turtlenecks and crisp button-ups. With this, you can now wear your corset-style tops and strapless crops that you’d typically save for clubbing nights on broad daylight.

With these new layer combinations, mixing and matching your clothing pieces has now become easier. So try out any of the layer combos now and make the most out of your favourite separates.LEFASHIONCLASSICEASYCOMBOPART7STRAPLESSDRESSWITHSHIRTVIAREFINERY291