5 Reasons Why You Should Be More of Morning Person

Most of us are not naturally a morning person. In fact, we’ve already experienced hitting the snooze button more than three times just to take another minute of shuteye – and unfortunately, health experts recommend that we stop doing that. Instead of staying in bed longer, they suggest waking up earlier to enjoy the following benefits of becoming a morning person.


  1. Enhances Performance at Work

A study showed that people who get out of bed without hitting the snooze button tend to approach their work with a more hands-on attitude. While night folks are believed to be more creative, early risers are said to have improved problem-solving skills. Those same skills is what allows morning people to anticipate problems, and minimize them before they turn into bigger issues – a desirable trait a candidate for promotion at work should have.

  1. Makes You Seem More Reliable

Ever found yourself missing deadlines at work? Or becoming a little moodier than usual? If so, then you might want to consider waking up earlier than usual. According to a study conducted by health experts in Singapore, night-time people tend to be less dependable, less emotionally stable, and are more likely to fall into addiction. So instead of planning a late-night date night with your girls, suggest meeting together for a morning run or grabbing breakfast before heading to work.

  1. Improves Alertnessmorningpers_feat

Apart from making you more dependable, waking up early allows your brain to function better, allowing you to craft perfect presentations for the following day. Morning people also gets more sleep compared with their late-night counterparts, resulting to improved awareness, healthier immune system, and a more positive outlook in their daily activities and life in general.

  1. Decreases Stress Levels

If you find yourself constantly running around, and stressing about a billion things that needs to be done, consider taking a step back and re-evaluate your habits. Studies show that people who wake up earlier than 7:00 AM had a lower chance of being depressed, overweight, and stressed. Even if you think that an extra 30 minutes of sleep will help you feel rested for a midday presentation, it might actually be doing the opposite. So get out of your bed earlier and review your notes instead so you’ll be prepared to face the day ahead.

  1. Loses More Weight

Waking up and working out early in the morning will help you burn more calories, speed up your metabolism, and reach for healthier food options. For a bigger calorie burn, consider taking a walk outside as you enjoy your post-workout green juice. A study also showed that people who enjoy being outside in the early hours of the day had lower BMIs than those who go outdoors later in the day.

Other than making you more attentive, waking up early truly has lots of benefits to offer. So go and hit the sack early to enjoy these amazing benefits the following day.download