5 Ways to Tune Up Your LinkedIn Profile

Whether you’re just starting your career or is just trying to put your business in the map, LinkedIn is one of the best networking tool to use to achieve such goals. An ideal hunting ground for HR managers and new businesses, it’ll really do you wonders to have a professional-looking LinkedIn profile. So if you still haven’t figured out the tricks to make your profile shine, here are five tricks that you can use to take advantage of everything that the site has to offer.


  1. Check-Up Your Profile Picture. One good way to tune up your LinkedIn profile is by checking on your profile picture. Ask yourself whether or not your picture is current enough, or if it gives a positive impression to anyone who anyone stopping by your profile. The best photo to use for this kind of sites are the ones where you’re alone, dressed in a somewhat professional outfit, and looking happy yet professional. As much as possible, avoid using photos taken at a night out or ones where someone’s arm has been cropped out.


  1. Add In Your Recent Connections. Adding in your new connections every after five months is another good way to tune up your profile. Doing this will make it easier for you to track your professional network, and stay connected with your past clients or employers. Unlike in Facebook and Instagram that are more of a personal profile, no one will think that it’s weird that you connect with these people in LinkedIn.


  1. Create Brief Summaries on the Jobs You Listed. While you don’t really need to repeat your entire résumé on your profile, writing down a summary on each of your past jobs will really be helpful. By writing brief summaries about your previous work, recruiters will get a better understanding of your skill set and will be able to present you with the right opportunities. If you’re not interested in the job opportunity they shared with you, then feel free to just ignore their message. No harm done.


  1. Ensure That Your Headline is Persuasive and Current. Although it is often ignored, the profile headline is actually the first thing that people see when they visit your profile apart from your name and photo. While it’s fine to leave your headline if you’re not looking new opportunities, it’s still important that you update it every once in a while. If you’re a student looking for a part-time job, you can write down ‘Senior at NYU Looking for Marketing Opportunities,’ or if currently unemployed you go with something like ‘Marketing Professional Seeking for New Opportunities’. Opt for a more direct headline so that people visiting your profile can instantly get a sense of your status.


  1. Reconnect With People. Make it habit to browse through your network, and send some quick messages to certain people every once in a while. Remember that to become an effective networker, you should keep your connections strong before asking for a favour. It’ll only take a few minutes to check in with someone, so don’t be shy to do some quick catch up.

Tuning up your LinkedIn profile is essential if you’re still starting up your career. So turn these simple tips into a habit and ensure that you repeat them every few months. Who knows, you’re LinkedIn profile might help you land your dream job when you least expect it.