6 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Home

When not sure as to what to gift a friend or a family member on the holidays, a present for her home is your safest choice. There is nothing more thoughtful than a gift that can make your friend’s home a little more comfortable and stylish. Plus, there’s a sea of choices to choose from; you’ll surely find something that she will love to have in her home. Here are some of our favourite pieces to give you an idea.

  1. Decorative Scented Candles

Every home needs a lovely scent to make the space even more relaxing. Instead of buying a plane scented candle, pick one in decorative glasses to add aesthetic value to a friend’s home. Give her a giant tub of her favourite scent or a bunch of smaller once to place in every room of her house.

  1. Voice-Activated Coffee Maker

For the coffee addict of your life, a coffee maker is the best gift to have them. But skip the standard coffee maker, and get your friend a voice activated one. This is a great present for those people who don’t have synchronized motor skills when they first wake-up.

  1. A Luxurious Bed Sheet

What do you get for a friend or a parent who has everything? A better night’s sleep. Get the special people in your life a luxurious set of bed and pillow covers that help them sleep cooler and more comfortable after a long, tiring day.

  1. Vintage Soap and Lotion Caddy

Spruce up your friend’s bathroom by adding some rustic charm to it with a vintage set of soap and lotion caddy. With these uniform bottles, your friend can finally get rid of unsightly container labels. She may also use the caddy on her vanity and fill up the bottles with body lotion or any other liquidy beauty product she likes.

  1. Colourful Tapas Plates

Your sister or BFF may have received several sets of dinnerware on her wedding, but these colourful appetizer plates add interest and personality to any dining table. Small plates in every colourful of the rainbow can definitely make any dish more appetizing and the dining table a bit more cheerful.

  1. Salt and Pepper Shakers

The dining table doesn’t always have to be a formal spot in the house. Add a dash of cuteness to the table with decorative salt and pepper shakers. Your friend will surely love your gift, especially if she has children to feed. Plus, the cuteness of your gift will entice people to stay longer at the table.

Holiday gifts come in all shapes, sizes and prices. It doesn’t always have to be big or expensive. As long as it is thoughtfully chosen and whole-heartedly given, your friend and loved ones will love it.