Airplane Good Manners and Right Conduct


Regardless of the nature of your travel, you always find yourself getting annoyed by the people around you because of misconduct or misbehaviour. The reality of flying economy is not at all pleasant because of the mix of passengers. If you have the cash to spare, you can consider the business class and enjoy the comfort of flying VIP.


However if you do not want to spend so much on the plane, it is time that you know some manners and right conduct for the people around you. You do not want to be a nuisance and you want a smooth travel, right? That is not too much. You can only hope that other passengers know some good manners and right conduct too especially if it is a long travel away from Singapore.

Here are the common misbehaviour you will see in the airport and how to deal with it:

Do not take someone else’s space

Usually there is someone who doesn’t care about seat assignment and just go ahead with everything. It is important that you respect someone else’s space. Do not ask for people to switch places unless you really have to.

Aside from the seat, do not take someone else’s overhead bin. The overhead binds have purpose and it is equally divided to all passengers. If you have two bags, you can get the larger one inside the bin and take the smaller one at your feet. Just make sure that you give space to other passengers.ipad-on-plane

Giving attendants a hard time

Attendants didn’t make the rules and it is futile arguing with them. You will just get the “evil” look from other passengers. If you are told to turn off smartphone and other portable devices, do so without hesitating because it is for your safety at the end of the day.

Check the children

How you wish to travel alone but sometimes it cannot be helped – you need to bring children at some point in time. You should make sure that your children are not nuisances to other passengers. Remember that misbehaving children can encourage headaches. This will surely exhaust you but at least you won’t face any other complains. However, no matter what you do, do not scold the children.

Be fair for middle passengers

No one loves the middle seat because they get little or no room to move. You paid the same amount so why not give your middle passenger a break? Do not occupy the entire space and allow the middle passenger to rest his arms, head or legs.

Maybe you can also share the airplane good manners and right conduct to your colleagues so others will not be annoyed by them when time comes.