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7 Ways to Exercise Without the Agony


Sometimes, hitting the gym is just not possible—sometimes there’s a social invitation you couldn’t refuse, or you still have lots to do at home, or you’re just plain tired. However, you can still sweat it out even without going to the gym or going on an early morning jog. By incorporating these activities to your day-to-day routine, you’ll be able to break a sweat without cutting your time.

  1. Incorporate Walks

Parking farther from your destination might seem stupid, but the resulting walk you’ll have to take provides so many benefits to your body. If you’re taking a cab, get off a block or two away from where you’re going; try using the stairs instead of the elevator when you get to the building. Don’t get mad the next time the elevator or the escalator fails to work. Instead, take it as an opportunity to do a mini exercise.

  1. Clean More

Not just sweeping all the dust and dirt on the floor, but also scrubbing the tiles, mopping the floor and wiping down windows. We’re sure you will be drenched in sweat when you’re done. Do this at least once a week, and you’ll not only improve your health but also keep your home clean and safe for the family.

  1. Dance

Whether in your bedroom, in the bathroom or in a dance class, dancing requires whole body movement. It’s a fun way to get your heart pumping and endorphins flowing. Many gyms in Singapore offer Zumba classes, but if you’re pressed for time, you can just plug your phone into a speaker and dance away at home.

  1. Ditch the Washing Machine

Just go old school on your laundry and hand wash them. Your arms may feel exhausted afterwards, but you’ll reap the benefits later on. This may not be as rigid as lifting weights, but far better than doing nothing.

  1. Wash the Car

We’re not talking about just hosing the car down with water. We mean scrubbing every section, including the wheels. Also, you have to rinse it well to ensure there’ll be no soap residue left, which will create stains on the paint. It is also important to keep the car wet until you’re ready to wipe it dry, to avoid those annoying water marks. Just thinking about it is already tiring, but hey at least you’re not running.

  1. Play Video Games

Video games aren’t only for the lazy. There are video games that require you to get moving. Most of them use motion detectors that force us to exert extra effort so the movements are recognized. Plus, it’s a great way to play with the family, especially with your kids.

  1. Make Love

Do we need to explain this? 😉

Exercising isn’t something you can only do at the gym. You can certainly do it anytime, anywhere. Even if you’re not looking to losing weight, sweating is necessary as it helps your body flush out toxins.

Qualities of a Good VoIP Provider

Although technology has revolutionized businesses in Singapore in the last 20 years, majority are still using standard telephones for communicating with clients, prospects, business partners and employees. Your telecommunication needs depend on the nature of your company and the features that you deem necessary to keep up with the demands of your operations.

One service provider can provide the most basic services, while the other could give you all the functions and features you’re looking for with a couple of nice-to-have additions. Regardless of the industry you are in or specific requirements, one thing is essential and should be scrutinized well when looking into switching to Voice over Internet
Protocol (VoIP) service—an outstanding tech support and customer service.

So what makes a great Voice over IP service provider? How can you tell if a prospect carrier can meet your company’s demands and expectations? How to determine a knowledgeable service company that can provide more than just surface-level solutions? Although what’s great for some may not be good enough for others, we have listed down the top qualities of a reliable VoIP service provider in Singapore.

1. Knowledgeable and Live Customer Service Representatives

Talking to a live customer service representative who is knowledgeable about the product makes better and quicker solution. It also provides that personal appeal, fostering trust and healthy relationship between the service company and the customer.
Moreover, dealing with live personnel rather than an automated message or through an e-mail means that someone can immediately tell you whether your system with cloud voip benefits in Singapore needs an upgrade or a downgrade to function properly. When you can call for a live support anytime and work with professionals who know the ins and outs of your system, you know you have found your dream team. When looking for a Voice over IP service provider, make sure they take the time to look through and understand your business to ensure smooth partnership in the long run.

2. Proactive Monitoring and Service Management

A good service carrier is also able to do the necessary monitoring and management of our system. For cloud-based VoIP, constant monitoring is important to ensure efficiency of operations of your company. This quality also significantly contributes to safeguard the security of your data and help detect malicious activities right away.

3. Simplified Customer Management

Rather than being passed on from one department to another, a good customer service means providing a seamless experience to their clients while taking care of the support issues. For example, when calling for an account manager or a tech support representative, you should not be put on hold longer than a couple of minutes nor forwarded to the wrong department before reaching someone who can address your problem.

4. Comprehensive Service Offerings

The work ethics nowadays have changed. Today, work is about speed and agility. Whether you are managing a small start-up company or a large corporation with various departments, it pays to work with a service provider in Singapore who offers more than just a specific set of services and can formulate a service plan that meets your needs. Look for a service provider that has comprehensive service offerings. A carrier that offers a range of related business needs, like broadband connections and data centre services, means that they can provide services and support across all departments and channels.

5. 24/7 Availability

Even the most technically stable company can go down, if glitches are not addressed immediately and properly. Therefore, choose a carrier that does not only give you the best VoIP functions, but also provides round-the-clock support. Check out the website of a service provider or ask them directly to know whether they provide 24/7 technical support (including holidays). You may also want to know if they are accessible online in case of minor glitches you can fix right away.

6. Able to Adapt to Growing Demands

As your business grows, your needs also grows, making scalability an important factor when searching for a VoIP in Singapore. Will a prospect carrier be able to accommodate your needs as your company flourishes? Many providers offer mid-level solutions that are enough for handling day-to-day calls, conference calls, multiple extensions, voice recording, voicemail and faxing. However, if you plan to grow and expand your company, look into the enterprise plans they offer to ensure your Voice over IP system can grow with your business.

7. Undeceiving Offers

VoIP services are typically inexpensive, but don’t be deceived by their ads. For instance, a plan priced at $14 a month may have hidden charges like originating and terminating call fees. A good service provider should disclose complete information about the offer and should be able to recommend a more suitable option based on the needs of your company.

From increased productivity rate to significant savings, it is no surprise why many organizations and business are switching to VoIP in Singapore. However, finding a reliable service provider is crucial in making sure that your VoIP service works for your business.

Many service carriers out there claim to provide the best services in the industry, but fail to provide satisfaction to their clients in terms of technical support and customer service. Whatever a carrier’s ranking or plans they offer, a good and reliable Voice over IP provider is one that can provide you with necessary—and nice-to-have—features for your business and most importantly an excellent customer service and tech support.

Short Hair Don’t Care

5 Ways to Style Your Short Hair While Growing It Out


So you’re finally rocking the pixie cut you’ve always wanted, but you’re starting to feel that it’s time for some change. Sadly, you’re left to deal with that dreaded growing-out period. Don’t fret though, since we’re here to help you transition from pixie cut to bob and to lob as seamlessly as possible.

  1. Slick Your Tresses Back

One of the most stylish way of taming your short strands is by slicking them back. From Alicia Keys to Hayden Panettiere, a lot of celebrities already tried and rocked the slicked back look. Be sure to check on their takes on the hairdo if you’re looking for some inspiration in styling your short locks. Once you’re inspired enough, simply grab some gel and sport your own slick back look.

  1. Get Creative with Hair Accessories

Not much of a fan of applying hair gels? Then using hair accessories will help you achieve that clean and tamed look on your short strands. One good idea is donning a baby bun, while tucking all the loose strands into a wide headband. Now that’s some sneaky, but creative hairstyling!

  1. Modify Your Up-Do

If you think that you won’t be able to follow the trends during an awkward grow-out stage, then think again. Hairstyles like top knots are definitely doable even for short-haired girls. This hairstyle allows you to stylishly pull back the strands that are at a different length with the rest of your cut. If you still don’t have enough hair to sport a full knot look, you can wear a baby ponytail instead. With these hairstyles, you can keep the hair off your face and make the growing-out process less annoying.

  1. Go Ombré

A blunt hairstyle can have harsh edges that cut off your face in weird places as the growing-out phase kicks in. The best way to avoid getting such weird hair shape is to opt for an ombré look. The gradual colour fade in this style will help in making those edges appear more layered, and thus framing your face in ways that a single hair colour can’t.

  1. Invest in Hair Extensions

Can’t bear the growing-out phase any longer? Then follow Jennifer Lawrence’s lead and invest in some good hair extensions. This will help in filling out your hair, adding some length, and evening up your haircut. Just make sure that you start with something subtle so it’ll look more natural, and not like your head suddenly sprouted some foot-long strands overnight.

Unlike what most people think, growing out your hair isn’t that difficult as long as you have good ideas and put in enough effort to achieve the look that you want. Be sure to keep these tips in mind, so you could stylishly face the growing-out phase the next time you decide to chop off your strands.

Things You Should Never Do After Getting Cheated On


Whether your partner has been in a month-long affair or is making out with someone else, getting cheated on really hurts. Still, that doesn’t mean that your relationship no longer worth salvaging. In fact, a couple therapist in Singapore revealed that many couples tend to develop stronger connections after facing an infidelity issue.

However, there are still some things you should avoid doing to keep yourself from sabotaging your efforts to rebuild your relationship – and some of those things are as follows:

  1. Ignoring the Infidelity Issue

You may be tempted to act like nothing happened later on, but doing so will only keep you from addressing any underlying issues in your relationship. Understanding the meaning behind his infidelity is crucial as it often reflects the individual’s satisfaction in the relationship. Perhaps it was just a one-time moment of weakness on your beau’s part, or is an attempt to find something that he thinks is missing in your relationship. Either way, realizing the issue behind it will help in bringing you closer and avoiding the same problem from happen again.

  1. Blaming Yourself

Your partner’s infidelity isn’t your fault. You didn’t deserve it and you’re not responsible for his actions, so stop beating yourself over the person’s bad decision. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t also consider understanding and meeting his needs if you want to save your relationship. Knowing why such thing happened and understanding your role in it will surely help in empowering both you and your relationship.

  1. Thinking About Getting Even

Sure, trashing your unfaithful partner on social media – or cheating on them as well – might make you feel better for a moment, but thinking about evening the score with him won’t help in resolving the issue. In fact, it would just worsen the situation. Right now, what’s important is that you both do what you can to make the other feel that you’re in the same team again.

  1. Rushing the Healing Process

Your significant other’s betrayal could hurt you for a long time, so learn to be patient with yourself and let him know that he needs to be patient with you as well. It’s important for him to understand that you’re devastated and that it could be difficult to put things back together. You’ll eventually realize that you need to make major changes in your relationship, but for now, don’t rush yourself.

Trashing or getting even with your partner might seem like the best thing to do after discovering his infidelity, but doing it won’t really bring any good to either your relationship or your well-being. Instead, carefully process the situation and let yourself heal at your own pace.

Every Men’s Guide to Male Breast Cancer

While being diagnosed with breast cancer is rare in men, it still happens. Any cell in the body can become cancerous. So even if men only have a small volume of breast tissue, it’s still possible for breast cancer cells to develop there. A man’s risk of developing breast cancer is one per 1,000 – and because it’s that uncommon among men, the disease is often not diagnosed until it’s already in the later stage, making it more difficult to treat. But with proper knowledge and going through breast cancer screening tests, men can now protect themselves from the life-threatening disease.

Which Men Will Likely be diagnosed with Breast Cancer?

Being diagnosed with the disease is rare for men who are under 35. Similar with women, a man’s chance of developing breast cancer also goes up with age. Breast cancer usually happens to men between ages 60 to 70. Other than age, the other factors that affect a man’s risk of developing the disease include:

• Breast cancer history among female relatives
• Radiation exposure on the chest area
• Breast enlargement (gynecomastia) from treatments using hormones or infections
• Taking oestrogen
• Severe liver disease (cirrhosis)
• Testicle diseases (mumpsorchitis), injury, or undescended testicles

How Serious is Male Breast Cancer?

Singapore specialists used to think that male breast cancer was more severe than breast cancer in women, but several studies revealed that the cancer’s severity in both genders is just the same.

The only problem is that male breast cancer tend to be diagnosed later in life than female breast cancer. This may be because men are less likely to be guarded about any changes in their chest area and also less likely to screen for breast cancer in Singapore. Also, their little amount of breast tissue makes it harder to detect early signs of breast cancer, giving tumours the freedom to spread to the other tissues surrounding it.

What are the Symptoms of Male Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer symptoms in men are similar to women’s. Most males are diagnosed with breast cancer when a man feels a strange lump on his chest. But unlike women, men often delay their hospital visits until more severe symptoms like nipple bleeding occurs – and at that point, the cancer cells may have already spread in other parts body organs. Other symptoms of breast cancer among men are tender or inverted nipples, and swelling or ulceration of the chest area.

The sooner these symptoms are diagnosed, the better the outcome of the treatment will be. So if you ever feel or notice any of the said symptoms, do have it checked as soon as possible.

Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment in Men

The same breast cancer screening tests and techniques used in women are also used in men: biopsies, mammography, and physical examinations.
Likewise, the same treatments used in treating breast cancer in women are also used in men. A lot of men can benefit from a combination of any of the following treatments.

• Surgery. The typical treatment for breast cancer in men is a mastectomy, a procedure wherein the entire breast is removed. Breast conserving surgery – just the tumour is taken out – isn’t usually possible, since men don’t have enough breast tissues needed for the procedure. Oftentimes, Singapore surgeons also takes out one or more lymph nodes to see whether or not the cancer has spread on other parts of the body.

• Radiation Therapy. After undergoing a surgical procedure to remove cancerous lumps on the chest area, you can also have a radiation therapy to kill off cancer cells that were missed during the surgery. If the cancer is deemed inoperable, then radiation therapy might serve as your main treatment.

• Chemotherapy. In this kind of treatment, you’ll be given drugs – either through injection or by mouth – to attack and kill the cancer cells. You may undergo chemotherapy after surgery to lower the risk of breast cancer recurrence. For men with an advanced type of cancer or cancer that has spread throughout the body, chemotherapy is used as their primary treatment.

• Hormone Therapy. Certain types of breast cancer need particular hormones to grow – and hormone therapy works by blocking the effects of these hormones, thereby stopping the growth of cancer cells. This procedure is often more successful in men than in women, since about 90 percent of men are diagnosed with hormone receptor-positive cancer. Tamoxifen is the standard drug used in hormone therapy to treat male breast cancer. Oftentimes, removal of testes reduces the amount of certain male hormones. Men diagnosed with breast cancer are even advised to never take testosterone as it’ll only encourage cancer cell growth.

You can undergo hormone therapy after surgery to lower the chances of breast cancer coming back. Hormone therapy is usually considered as a primary treatment for men diagnosed with metastatic or locally advanced cancer.

• Targeted Therapy. Some men have excess protein (HER2) in their body that makes cancer spread quickly. Herceptin is a drug recommended by health experts to treat breast cancer cells that has spread to other parts of the body. The drug simply stops the said protein from making the cancer cells grow, while boosting the immune system to give you more strength to fight the disease.

Although it’s a rare case among men, being knowledgeable about breast cancer is still important. Like anyone who’s been diagnosed or treated from the disease, make sure that you go through all the necessary breast cancer screening Singapore tests to keep yourself protected. Living a healthy lifestyle and getting regular medical care will surely save you from this deadly disease.

6 Christmas Foods that are Toxic for Your Pets



‘Tis the season to indulge in lots of delicious food and drink that we rarely have on our tables any other time of the year. We’re talking about baked goods, candies, chocolates, cocktails and more. And although enjoying some of these treats may not wreak havoc to your New Year’s resolution diet, even a pea-size amount could cause poisoning to your little cats and dogs.

  1. Chocolate

It is one of the holiday indulgences we love the most, but chocolates can be detrimental for cats and dogs. Darker chocolates are more toxic than the white variety. The toxic ingredients in chocolates that can cause seizure to pets include theobromine and caffeine.

  1. Macadamia Nuts

These nuts may look harmless, but they can be poisonous to dogs that get to devour a bowl of them or swipe a cookie containing some of them. Signs of poisoning due to nuts are vomiting, weakness, depression, lack of coordination, joint stiffness and tremors.

  1. Fruitcake

A holiday is a staple holiday treat and gift. Although delicious, the ingredients are actually extremely dangerous for pets. Raisings and grapes are linked to the development of kidney failure in dogs that have eaten them. If preparing fruitcakes or other dishes with these ingredients, be extra cautious when your dog is around to ensure they don’t ingest anything that’s harmful to them.

  1. Alcohol

Alcohol taste is pleasing for most dogs, but no type of alcohol is good for them. When ingested, even in small amounts, it can cause life-threatening toxicity. Alcohols, especially beers, can cause vomiting, elevated body temperature, palpitations, and in worst cases death. Never share your adult drink with your dog, and you will avoid losing the furry member of the family.

  1. Coffee and Tea

If you’re expecting friends for an after-dinner coffee, make sure to keep your pets away from the group and don’t leave your coffee anywhere that your pets could take a sip of it. The caffeine content in coffee is quite high and can prompt abnormal heart rhythm, seizure and even death. Other caffeinated beverages, such as teas, can cause the same effect.

  1. Ham or Turkey Skin

Ham and turkey are staples at every holiday feast. But did you know that the outermost layer of your turkey and ham can be harmful to your pooch? The skin absorbs the most amounts of spices, marinades, oils and butter that were used to cook the meat, and all of them are very hard for your dog’s body to digest. Moreover, the high fat content in meat skin can cause pancreatitis in animals.

If, despite taking all the necessary precautions, your dog gets into mischief and ingests any of these foods, the first thing to do is contact your pet’s veterinarian. The earlier your dog gets treated, the easier and more successful the treatment will be.

6 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Home

When not sure as to what to gift a friend or a family member on the holidays, a present for her home is your safest choice. There is nothing more thoughtful than a gift that can make your friend’s home a little more comfortable and stylish. Plus, there’s a sea of choices to choose from; you’ll surely find something that she will love to have in her home. Here are some of our favourite pieces to give you an idea.

  1. Decorative Scented Candles

Every home needs a lovely scent to make the space even more relaxing. Instead of buying a plane scented candle, pick one in decorative glasses to add aesthetic value to a friend’s home. Give her a giant tub of her favourite scent or a bunch of smaller once to place in every room of her house.

  1. Voice-Activated Coffee Maker

For the coffee addict of your life, a coffee maker is the best gift to have them. But skip the standard coffee maker, and get your friend a voice activated one. This is a great present for those people who don’t have synchronized motor skills when they first wake-up.

  1. A Luxurious Bed Sheet

What do you get for a friend or a parent who has everything? A better night’s sleep. Get the special people in your life a luxurious set of bed and pillow covers that help them sleep cooler and more comfortable after a long, tiring day.

  1. Vintage Soap and Lotion Caddy

Spruce up your friend’s bathroom by adding some rustic charm to it with a vintage set of soap and lotion caddy. With these uniform bottles, your friend can finally get rid of unsightly container labels. She may also use the caddy on her vanity and fill up the bottles with body lotion or any other liquidy beauty product she likes.

  1. Colourful Tapas Plates

Your sister or BFF may have received several sets of dinnerware on her wedding, but these colourful appetizer plates add interest and personality to any dining table. Small plates in every colourful of the rainbow can definitely make any dish more appetizing and the dining table a bit more cheerful.

  1. Salt and Pepper Shakers

The dining table doesn’t always have to be a formal spot in the house. Add a dash of cuteness to the table with decorative salt and pepper shakers. Your friend will surely love your gift, especially if she has children to feed. Plus, the cuteness of your gift will entice people to stay longer at the table.

Holiday gifts come in all shapes, sizes and prices. It doesn’t always have to be big or expensive. As long as it is thoughtfully chosen and whole-heartedly given, your friend and loved ones will love it.

Make Sure to Omit These 2 Lines in Your Marriage Vows


At last, you found the one. One look and you already know he feels home. If you are getting married soon, you have plenty of things to prepare from your gown to the banquet and the venue. If you have extra budget, you can also start planning for that honeymoon. Getting married is composed of exciting stuffs.


You are too busy about things that you forget to make your vows until the big day. It is important that you carefully craft your marriage vow because it will serve as your pledge – the basis of your partnership or relationship. You can just go online and look for vows if you do not have enough time or if you are not that creative. But where is the fun in that?

Vows should be personalized. You have to add your touch so your man will know what is in your heart plus personalized vows (the one that you made from scratch) are emotional and romantic. Its rawness is commendable. So, what are you waiting for? Get a paper and start drafting your marriage vows pronto!

However you have to know that there are certain words you need to avoid as it can be unhealthy in your relationship. This is according to Aaron Cooper, a clinical psychologist at the Northwestern University’s The Family Institute. Here are some vows you have to avoid:


“You are my other half”

People who believe in soul mates and finding it will put “you are my other half” in their vows. There is something wrong with this concept. Maybe you haven’t realized it yet but when you take it word by word, it speaks of two souls being inadequate without the other. Ideally, you have to be adequate first before offering yourself to that person.

You can alternatively say “we meet in the middle and we contribute the same amount of love to this relationship”.

“What makes you happy will make me happy”

Maybe you haven’t heard about the concept of “co-dependency”. Co-dependency refers to one’s excessive psychological or emotional reliance on the partner. In other words, it is like abandoning all your wants or desires because what makes your partner happy will also make you happy. If this continues, it can be dangerous to the relationship because one person will become dominant and you will just follow his lead and convince yourself that you are happy.

Couples are different individuals and you should know that. You can alternatively say “I will continuously support what makes you happy”.

Singaporean couples should know these words so they do not use it as it can be ambiguous.


Overworking? Tips on Managing It


The normal work hour here in Singapore is 40 hours per week. If you go beyond 40 hours per week, doesn’t get enough sleep and no time for the family, you are a workaholic. You have to be careful because overworking will lead to job burnout and that is never good for your health and your relationships.


If you are a workaholic, just know that you are not alone. Truth is, most Singaporeans are workaholics but it comes with a price. If you overwork, you are increasing your chances of having disease, more stress and anxiety. At some point it time, it takes a toll on your health that you are becoming less productive.

It is crucial that you manage it so you do not feel trapped. It is time that you learn how to manage it and change the situation. Here are some tips on managing overworking:

Stop being the victim

You tend to overwork because you do not want a pile of paper works waiting. Remember that you can control how much you work. While it is tempting to overwork and finish everything immediately, things can get messy if you push yourself too hard. The best thing that you can do is to talk or negotiate for staggered cut-off date. If you cannot make it, you have to ask for the help of your colleagues.

Understand it has long term consequences


You overwork to impress a boss or to get that promotion – all these are just short term. You fail to see the long term and negative consequences of overdoing it. According to some studies, if you overwork, you are more prone to stress-related illnesses like obesity, diabetes, coronary heart disease and many others.

Lessen financial burden

It is understandable that you need every pay check you can get and you could use an extra. You just want to make more money to sustain your living but it will only make things worse. Do not compromise your wellness over some cash because it can take a toll on your health in the later years. It is a matter of what is important in your life. Just remember that material things will only make you happy temporary. Do not abuse the body by overworking just to meet both ends.

These things sound simple but it is actually hard to do. The important thing here is consistency. If you consistently do everything to prevent overworking, you will live a happier and lighter life.


Best Smartphone Accessories for Stunning Mobile Photography


Before, if you’re really serious about photography, you need a real camera. But with the advent of smartphones, anyone can snap great photos without spending a fortune on a high-end DSLR camera. Although pros say that smartphones can’t rival good cameras, you can use mobile camera accessories to enhance your photographs and maybe even surpass professionally taken photographs.


Whether you just want better images or make a career out of it (e.g. vlogger, product reviewer, explorer), these mobile photography accessories will step up your game even just with your smartphone.


When pros want to up the quality of their photos, they often upgrade their camera lenses. If you have an iPhone, there are so many camera accessories that allow you to upgrade the lens as well. One of them is the Olloclip. This easy-to-slip lens is actually made of three lenses: fish-eye, wide angle and macro lens. The only downside is that it doesn’t work with other phone cases—only with the OlloCase, but you can still use the lens with your phone naked.

Pocket Spotlight

From the name itself, it’s a portable, light source for smartphone cameras. Unlike the unflattering flash of a DSLR and your phone, Pocket Spotlight provides constant soft and uniform illumination—rather than a quick flash of light—that makes snapping photos a pleasant experience. The accessory can be used either handheld or by connecting it through the headphone jack.pocket-spotlight-5431-833x555

Olympus Air A01

Olympus Air A01 provides all the benefits of a digital camera lens. This gives smartphone cameras optical zoom, better performance, quality images and more. To be able to use the lens, just download and install the Olympus Air Central application to your smartphone.


Need to take a picture from a crazy angle or hand your phone from a precarious perch? This phone accessory will let you do that. Although the product looked like it escaped from an Alien movie, rest assured its spider-like legs and hooked feet will all serve a purpose. The Life-phorm can keep your phone steadily and securely attached to branches, uneven surfaces and even body parts.


This 36-lens panoramic ball camera can be thrown in the air to give your images a unique perspective. Panono automatically captures a 360-degree panorama at the height of the loss, and then give you a 108-megapixel resolution photograph that can be viewed through the Panono app for your Android or iOS device.

Armed with the latest smartphone, an arsenal of photo apps and these camera accessories, taking pro-quality photos is as easy as with any point-and-shoot camera.panonoinhand