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Airplane Good Manners and Right Conduct


Regardless of the nature of your travel, you always find yourself getting annoyed by the people around you because of misconduct or misbehaviour. The reality of flying economy is not at all pleasant because of the mix of passengers. If you have the cash to spare, you can consider the business class and enjoy the comfort of flying VIP.


However if you do not want to spend so much on the plane, it is time that you know some manners and right conduct for the people around you. You do not want to be a nuisance and you want a smooth travel, right? That is not too much. You can only hope that other passengers know some good manners and right conduct too especially if it is a long travel away from Singapore.

Here are the common misbehaviour you will see in the airport and how to deal with it:

Do not take someone else’s space

Usually there is someone who doesn’t care about seat assignment and just go ahead with everything. It is important that you respect someone else’s space. Do not ask for people to switch places unless you really have to.

Aside from the seat, do not take someone else’s overhead bin. The overhead binds have purpose and it is equally divided to all passengers. If you have two bags, you can get the larger one inside the bin and take the smaller one at your feet. Just make sure that you give space to other passengers.ipad-on-plane

Giving attendants a hard time

Attendants didn’t make the rules and it is futile arguing with them. You will just get the “evil” look from other passengers. If you are told to turn off smartphone and other portable devices, do so without hesitating because it is for your safety at the end of the day.

Check the children

How you wish to travel alone but sometimes it cannot be helped – you need to bring children at some point in time. You should make sure that your children are not nuisances to other passengers. Remember that misbehaving children can encourage headaches. This will surely exhaust you but at least you won’t face any other complains. However, no matter what you do, do not scold the children.

Be fair for middle passengers

No one loves the middle seat because they get little or no room to move. You paid the same amount so why not give your middle passenger a break? Do not occupy the entire space and allow the middle passenger to rest his arms, head or legs.

Maybe you can also share the airplane good manners and right conduct to your colleagues so others will not be annoyed by them when time comes.


5 Secrets Cruise Lines Won’t Tell You


Cruise lines nowadays are getting bigger and better. They set cruise to more exotic places and promise to provide luxurious vacation to their cruisers. While most passengers are pleased with the experience, what they don’t know is that there are underlying secrets to this industry that you cannot find in promotional sites and glossy brochures.


It’s not that you should steer clear from cruising, but as a cruiser, you deserve to know the issue and quirks of going on a cruise before you decide on the kind of vacation you want to book.

  1. Rooms With Balconies are Overrated

Expect to pay 25% more for a cabin with balcony. Many first-time cruisers fall into this trap, and spend much more on this unnecessary amenity. What most people don’t know is that port calls and on-board activities will pull them out from the cabin, therefore spending less time in the stateroom. If you intend to splurge on this, make sure your view isn’t obstructed (i.e. lifeboats and pool deck overhang) and isn’t overly exposed to other passengers.

  1. You Might Skip the Port You’re Eyeing

Cruise ships shift itineraries without prior notice, and they do so frequently due to mechanical issues, bad weather and safety purposes. For example, if the weather is too windy, larger ships avoid tighter ports. Itineraries also likely change if safety is an issue. If riots flare up in Indonesia, the ship may direct to the next port or spend another day at the sea. The compensation for missed port? Usually nothing, all thanks to that fine print on the contract you signed when you first book the trip.

  1. Casinos Don’t Follow Rules

Casinos in cruise ships operate on international seas with no government agency checking on them, so expect no fair play in these places. At first, it may appear like a lucky day for you, but you’ll be stripped off of your wins after a couple of games. If you don’t welcome the idea of losing, walk away. The ship never loses in any way.


  1. The Ship Won’t Wait For You

Delayed flight on the debarkation day? Lost track of time in Singapore? Got stuck in traffic in China? Sorry, but your ship isn’t going to wait for you. The captain won’t delay the entire trip to accommodate your carelessness. Poor judgment can cause pricey consequences as the money spent travelling to meet up with the vessel at the next stop is from your own pocket.

  1. Crime Happens

While cruise lines’ security systems generally maintain peace on-board, crimes can happen and many of this isn’t publicized (of course). From sexual assaults to cabin theft and drug use, a ship’s security authorities have their hands full. In order to avoid any unfortunate circumstances, cruisers need to be vigilant on or off the ship.

However, despite all of this, high-sea voyages are generally peaceful affairs, so don’t despair. Just always keep these important points in mind, and you’ll be sailing smoothly on your next high-sea trip.


5 Common Travelling Myths Busted

Perhaps you’ve heard that booking a flight on Tuesdays or Wednesdays will score you the lowest airfares. Or maybe you consider cruising as a sure-fire way to get sick. Well, while some of these beliefs do have merit, most of them are only widespread misconceptions. To help you sort out the fact from the myth, we’ve listed down five of the most common travelling misconceptions that you should stop believing now.


MYTH #1: The Longer You Travel, the More Stuff You Should Pack

Just because you’re travelling for a month or a year doesn’t mean that you should also bring a month or years’ worth of shampoo, toothpaste, and shirt. Not only can you buy clothing pieces and toiletries wherever you go, it can also be an interesting part of your travel experience.

Buying souvenirs? Consider sending them home early on. Going clubbing? Purchase some second-hand dress shoes from one of the thrift shops near your hotel or inn. After all, a 50 litre pack won’t be necessary on your trip.

MYTH #2: Solo Travelling Isn’t Safe for Women

While some women are not comfortable with the idea of going on a solo trip, it can actually be beneficial for you. Doing so allows you to reconnect with your inner self as you discover new things throughout your emotional and physical journey. So go ahead and don’t let your fears keep you from exploring the world on your own.

MYTH #3: Economy Class Flights are Really Uncomfortable

Although it’s true that cheap flights don’t offer first class amenities, there are still some budget-friendly airlines that offer good services amidst the not-so-fancy seats. Just check out various airline promos and compare the services offered. Remember that it’s simply finding the perfect airline that’ll meet your standard for comfort. It’d also be good idea to ask your relatives and friends for some

MYTH #4:  Destinations Websites and Brochures Provide Great Information

Brochures and websites can provide good info, but it’s also important to remember that they’re also paid marketing. You don’t believed that the Big Mac you’ll get looks exactly as the one on the menu or commercials, do you? The same thing goes for travel destinations. Most websites use flattering and edited photos of the location to attract more travellers. If you want to get photos that’s much closer to reality, consider browsing through TripAdvisor’s contributor photos.

MYTH #5: Carrying a Cell Phone Keeps You Safe from Trouble

It’s actually the opposite, since it might get you into more trouble. Go trekking, and you’ll immediately be out of cell coverage. It can also easily get soaked, and its battery runs out quicker when it’s cold. The best plan is still to inform people with your whereabouts. Email your family and friends, or check in with a park ranger. If you got lost or sprained your ankle, no one can sound the alarm for a rescue mission if nobody knows where you are. Carry your cell phone, but plan as if you didn’t bring it with you.

While some travelling beliefs are true, it wouldn’t hurt to weed out some of the misconceptions about it too. So here’s to a more informed, safer and enjoyable trip!budget-travel