How Cooking Develops Kids  


Kids are a blessing and it is time that we let them feel that. As parents, we simply want our kids to grow fine and do the things that they love. Fortunately, there are many avenues here in Singapore that we can consider so our kids can grow according to their will. There are schools for their education and there are camps to cultivate their skills.


If we are serious about cultivating the talents and skills of our kids, there are many training camps that we can consider. Camps are famous especially during summer. If we want our kids to still learn even if they are not in school, we should enrol or enlist them right away. Before anything else, we have to ask our kids what they are interested in. If they are interested in cooking, it is time that we pass our apron and let them explore the culinary world.

Cooking with our kids takes long and it is messy but if we see the joy in their faces when they help and prepare the food, everything will make sense. So, if we want to unleash our kid’s inner chef, we have to enrol them to cooking class immediately. Cooking has numerous benefits especially for the development and learning of our kids.

Cooking develops our kid’s:Children making biscuits

  • Self-confidence: Giving our kids the permission to join grown-up activities (like cooking) will increase their self-confidence and self-esteem. The trust that we give them is enough to motivate them and see their selves differently and confidently.
  • Literacy: Cooking will also increase the literacy of our kids. In cooking, there are recipes and step by step concepts. This will try their reading ability and more importantly the ability to follow instructions.
  • Counting: Cooking also entails a lot of math and counting. Our kids will learn the measuring and sequencing.
  • Motor skills: Establishing motor skills may not be the least of our concern but cooking can enhance the motor skills of our kids. The mere stirring of the bowl without splashing the content is a classic motor skill.
  • Creativity and responsibility: There is no doubt that cooking enhances creativity and responsibility. Exploring new taste is creativity on the making. When shopping for ingredients, let our kids decide what to get and let them cook what they want. Their creativity is working this way.

We can teach our kids cooking even if they are not in any camps. Enrolling them in camps here in Singapore entails money but we can teach them first-hand if we really want to. We only need to set the time and secure the materials. This is an excellent bonding too. For sure, the cooking will be fun. Happy cooking!cooking-with-kids_612