How To Get A Boyfriend


I have come to believe that there’s one man for every woman in Singapore. Let me paint the picture for you. The ratio between the male and female Singaporeans does not create such a gap. There’s 50.4 % male population and 49.6% female population. 77% of Singaporeans are adults. I think that these numbers should be great news to every single lady out there. This is encouraging especially when you consider that the female population almost always outweighs the male in other countries. What this means is that single women have a choice if they want to do something with their love lives – or the lack of it.


Let me share some practical tips on how one can get a boyfriend so there should be no reason to be loveless when Valentine’s Day hits again next year:

Be Unattached

Still stalking your ex-boyfriend’s Facebook account? Still following his Twitter or Instagram posts? Or are you wasting your time on a label-less relationship where the guy clearly has no intention to commit? If you want to be taken seriously, you need to take yourself seriously first. Break off from dead-end relationships. Move on from your past relationships. Commit to yourself first before you can expect anyone to commit to you.

Love Yourself

You can’t give what you don’t have. So you can’t truly love other people if you don’t love yourself. This is what it means when they say you need to be whole before you enter into a relationship and not expect the other person to complete you or fill that void. Get to know yourself. Find out what you really like. Be your own best friend. Follow this and you’ll be amazed to see that awesome confident you that’s been hidden all along.


Be Ready To Mingle

Stop sitting around doing nothing. Stop waiting for miracles to happen, too. No, it’s never going to rain men. Get up on your feet and do something. Did you get it when they said “Single and ready to mingle”? That only means that this singleness is your YOU time. Don’t deprive the world of your amazing self. Go out and have some fun. Make new friends. Make new male friends. And when you make friends, don’t do so just because you’re looking for a boyfriend. Appreciate the persons for who they are. It’s better to fall in love with a friend.

Stick To What You Want

So you’ve let go of your baggage, you learned to love yourself, and you’ve been making new friends including those of the opposite sex. It’s easy to lose yourself when things are going great again. But this is the time for the better version of you to emerge. Know the qualities you want in a boyfriend. Figure out what imperfections you’re willing to tolerate and what your non-negotiables are. Determine why you want to be in a relationship. You have come a long way. By now you should have come to appreciate your value.

Make Your Move

Finally, don’t be afraid to initiate the steps when there’s some guy you like. This doesn’t mean you have to confess your feelings right then and there and propose a relationship. This may simply mean striking a wholesome conversation and initiating steps to start a friendship. Put on that sexy healthy confidence.