Make Your Kitchen Experience More Convenient with the Help of These 5 Equipment

We all have our own fair share of horrific kitchen scenarios. I remember one time in college when I completely forgot to turn off the stove while boiling water for my staple food of instant noodles—to the point that the entire kitchen ended up dazed in smoke.

Occupied by my studied within my room, I was not able to hear the loud kettle noise, as if it was shouting for me to pay caution and attention. Good thing I made it just in time. I could’ve caused a kitchen fire if I detected it a second too late! I was so traumatized by the event that I brought an electric water heater to use whenever I need hot water.

Is cooking a struggle?

Working in the kitchen can be a struggle for a number of people. Of course not everyone is born to be naturally good at cooking. Even chefs and other kitchen professionals with kitchen venture from Singapore who have spent time studying culinary arts have had difficult times in their aprons as well. One thing is for sure though, cooking is challenging.

Even if you have bought every ingredient required to make a certain dish, you still have to put in some effort in the whole cooking process. Unfortunately there is no technology available yet that can magically create meals with just a simple click; plausible, perhaps, but maybe some time in the far future.

Cooking can be a strenuous task as well as stressful, but with the right commercial kitchen equipment your entire cooking experience can unfold in smooth and pleasant ways. From practicality to convenience, this article will list some of the most common kitchen items and why having them in your kitchen will make your life easier.

• Toaster

Toasters are our universal best friend in the morning. A nice and crispy piece of buttered toast serves as a staple breakfast food for many people especially if they are in a rush. The whole process of making one is not that hard, too. Just slather butter on top, pop it right into the toaster and boom—breakfast!

In countries where there is a surge in workers who rush their way to work in the morning, toasters are quite popular and a necessity to own. This can be observed in countries like Japan, the United States, and Singapore. Electric toasters convert electricity into heat that melts the butter and gives your bread a nice toast, so we have to give credit to their built-in conversion ability.

• Slow cooker

Although there are a number of unsatisfied people claiming slow cookers often deliver mush, on the brighter side of things they also bring about joy. As a matter of fact, they are one of the most sold commercial kitchen equipment. Slow cookers run on little energy which makes it practical for people who do a lot of cooking.

Before going to the office in the morning or even before you sleep at night, you can already prepare your meal beforehand and expect to return or wake to a delicious, hot meal as it is simmered for 8–12 hours. You can also rely on its safety as it will not burn your meal or explode while cooking.

• Blender

Did you know that the British often call the blender as a ‘liquidizer’? Varying names aside, all blenders generally have one goal: to mix or emulsify food and other combined ingredients. It produces a result in liquid form or in a purée hence is why the Brits came up with the alternative term.

There are different variations of blenders sold in the market. In case you are wondering why, each has different functions. There are blender types designed for suiting a specific need. Some are best for mincing food pieces to extract its juice while some are perfect for blending sauces, such as for pasta.

• Coffee maker

All across the world, from countries like America and Singapore, coffee indisputably serves as a constant in the hectic lives of many workers. It’s undeniable that caffeine is effective in boosting energy levels in the morning. With that, there is increased productivity in work and an over-all motivation to accomplish your workload.

Having your own coffee maker at home is ideal especially if you need a quick caffeine fix on the daily. Ask your local kitchen equipment supplier if you are interested in buying one. In case it is not available, there is still hope for your caffeine-loving self as coffee makers are sold in a lot of department stores and shops. Instead of lining in coffeeshops in the morning, you can now enjoy your fresh brew within the comfort of your home before leaving the house for work. What better way to start your day, right?

• Microwave oven

Microwave ovens have been making our lives convenient for almost 50 years now. Movie nights, in particular, have been made complete in today’s age of Netflix as it is easy to just shove a bag of popcorn inside a microwave for an instant snack.

It is one of the most iconic commercial kitchen equipment that has transformed the way we cook, one generation after the other, as it saved us from dealing with kitchen drudgery that can last for hours. It provides fast heating which is suitable for processed foods. There are also meals that can be served piping hot again through reheating. Talk about less waste in food, right?

Coldplay had it right all along, “Nobody said it was easy.” Cooking can be challenging and strenuous but it can turn enjoyable and effective with the right equipment. Don’t underestimate having the proper tools to work with as a definite key to success. Ask your local kitchen equipment supplier for more details regarding essential kitchen tools that will help you in your cooking journey.