Overworking? Tips on Managing It


The normal work hour here in Singapore is 40 hours per week. If you go beyond 40 hours per week, doesn’t get enough sleep and no time for the family, you are a workaholic. You have to be careful because overworking will lead to job burnout and that is never good for your health and your relationships.


If you are a workaholic, just know that you are not alone. Truth is, most Singaporeans are workaholics but it comes with a price. If you overwork, you are increasing your chances of having disease, more stress and anxiety. At some point it time, it takes a toll on your health that you are becoming less productive.

It is crucial that you manage it so you do not feel trapped. It is time that you learn how to manage it and change the situation. Here are some tips on managing overworking:

Stop being the victim

You tend to overwork because you do not want a pile of paper works waiting. Remember that you can control how much you work. While it is tempting to overwork and finish everything immediately, things can get messy if you push yourself too hard. The best thing that you can do is to talk or negotiate for staggered cut-off date. If you cannot make it, you have to ask for the help of your colleagues.

Understand it has long term consequences


You overwork to impress a boss or to get that promotion – all these are just short term. You fail to see the long term and negative consequences of overdoing it. According to some studies, if you overwork, you are more prone to stress-related illnesses like obesity, diabetes, coronary heart disease and many others.

Lessen financial burden

It is understandable that you need every pay check you can get and you could use an extra. You just want to make more money to sustain your living but it will only make things worse. Do not compromise your wellness over some cash because it can take a toll on your health in the later years. It is a matter of what is important in your life. Just remember that material things will only make you happy temporary. Do not abuse the body by overworking just to meet both ends.

These things sound simple but it is actually hard to do. The important thing here is consistency. If you consistently do everything to prevent overworking, you will live a happier and lighter life.