Short Hair Don’t Care

5 Ways to Style Your Short Hair While Growing It Out


So you’re finally rocking the pixie cut you’ve always wanted, but you’re starting to feel that it’s time for some change. Sadly, you’re left to deal with that dreaded growing-out period. Don’t fret though, since we’re here to help you transition from pixie cut to bob and to lob as seamlessly as possible.

  1. Slick Your Tresses Back

One of the most stylish way of taming your short strands is by slicking them back. From Alicia Keys to Hayden Panettiere, a lot of celebrities already tried and rocked the slicked back look. Be sure to check on their takes on the hairdo if you’re looking for some inspiration in styling your short locks. Once you’re inspired enough, simply grab some gel and sport your own slick back look.

  1. Get Creative with Hair Accessories

Not much of a fan of applying hair gels? Then using hair accessories will help you achieve that clean and tamed look on your short strands. One good idea is donning a baby bun, while tucking all the loose strands into a wide headband. Now that’s some sneaky, but creative hairstyling!

  1. Modify Your Up-Do

If you think that you won’t be able to follow the trends during an awkward grow-out stage, then think again. Hairstyles like top knots are definitely doable even for short-haired girls. This hairstyle allows you to stylishly pull back the strands that are at a different length with the rest of your cut. If you still don’t have enough hair to sport a full knot look, you can wear a baby ponytail instead. With these hairstyles, you can keep the hair off your face and make the growing-out process less annoying.

  1. Go Ombré

A blunt hairstyle can have harsh edges that cut off your face in weird places as the growing-out phase kicks in. The best way to avoid getting such weird hair shape is to opt for an ombré look. The gradual colour fade in this style will help in making those edges appear more layered, and thus framing your face in ways that a single hair colour can’t.

  1. Invest in Hair Extensions

Can’t bear the growing-out phase any longer? Then follow Jennifer Lawrence’s lead and invest in some good hair extensions. This will help in filling out your hair, adding some length, and evening up your haircut. Just make sure that you start with something subtle so it’ll look more natural, and not like your head suddenly sprouted some foot-long strands overnight.

Unlike what most people think, growing out your hair isn’t that difficult as long as you have good ideas and put in enough effort to achieve the look that you want. Be sure to keep these tips in mind, so you could stylishly face the growing-out phase the next time you decide to chop off your strands.