The Etiquette for Dining at BYOB Restaurants


If you’re looking for ways to save money when dining out, take advantage of BYOB restaurants in Singapore. Popular and luxe dining places like the Jade Palace Seafood Restaurant and Gattopardo lets you bring your own wine or beer without corkage fee (on certain days). However, even though it is your own choice of wine and beer, there are still some unspoken rules to follow. Here are the ones you should know.


  1. Call Ahead of Time

Call the establishment ahead of time to confirm if they allow customers to bring their own wine. Also, ask if you will be charged with corkage fee, since some restaurants only offer BYOB on certain days of the week. Some restaurants charge a corkage fee according to the size of the bottle. Those that don’t have any service charge at all usually (and understandably) also comes with no service—so make sure to have your own bottle opener.

  1. Bring Something Appropriate

Try to view the menu of the restaurant online and bring something that’s not just appropriate to their cuisine, but also complements the mood and the ambiance of the place. Bring a special bottle that will enhance the experience without only thinking about being cheap to save money on beverage. Also, show some respect by not bringing something that’s currently on the menu, even if it’s a different vintage.


  1. Be Generous

You may not be charged with corkage fee, but be courteous and generous by giving a tip. For most restaurants with corkage fee, the fee goes to the establishment, not to the server or sommelier who opened your wine, prepared your glass and poured the drink to your glasses throughout your dine. To show some gratitude, leave a little in the bottle or some tip for the servers to enjoy. This also allows you to start a good relationship with the staff if you’re planning to frequent the restaurant.

Above all, remember that you can bring not just a bottle of vintage wine; you can also bring a bottle of specialty beer, champagne, sparkling wine or other liquors. Just be sure to confirm with the establishment beforehand and keep in mind these etiquettes before deciding on what beverage to bring. If in case you wish to request for a drink using your bottle of drink, expect to be charged for the