What Not To Do On Your First Date – For Women

Women have the tendency to think too much and overanalyze things so they worry more often than men do. One of the things Singaporean women worry a lot about are the dates they go to. First dates can be as terrifying for women as it is for men. Maybe it’s just not that obvious for men. Maybe women are just better at pulling off a poker face. Imagine the terror when women think about the possibility of their date realizing they’re not pretty enough or that they made the wrong choice.


These are some of the things women should not do on their first date:

Do not talk about things that are too personal

Yes, first dates are meant for both of you to get to know each other better. But don’t overdo it by talking about things that can be too personal. You can wait for a better time to share the nitty-gritty details about your life. On your first date, talk about things that you love and what you’re interested in instead of confiding all your fears, regrets, and longings.

Do not talk about your previous relationships

Talking about your past relationships does not paint a good picture. It doesn’t really matter if you have a good story to tell. Guys wouldn’t want listening stories about other guys especially on first dates. This may only send a message that you’re still pining over your ex boyfriend or that you haven’t really moved on yet and not yet ready for a relationship.

Couple fighting young woman about to cry

Do not try too hard to be sexy

You might want to appear sexy but having the right amount of self-confidence and a great personality is the new meaning of sexy. Girls who appear too hard to be one can be too obvious. This may easily turn a guy off and guys might even think you’re easy to get.

Do not laugh all the time

Girls who laugh all the time at all of the guy’s jokes can be a major turn off. This may easily let your date know that you’re being too easy where easy may also mean boring. Guys would either drop their interest on you or pursue you for the wrong reasons.

Do not drink too much

Men don’t like drunken women as much as women don’t like drunken men. The sight of a person having too much of a drink has never been appealing, either.