6 Healthy Night Time Rituals for a Happier Morning

Waking up feeling groggy and unprepared is a perfect formula for an exasperating morning. Avoid such feeling early in the morning by incorporating these night time rituals into your evening routine and immediately reap off its positive benefits the following day.


  1. Drink Different. While a boozy nightcap and a glass of wine can make your night better, these drinks won’t really support your goals of waking up to a happier morning the following day. Instead of downing these drinks, opt for before-bed drinks like chamomile or peppermint tea, or just a glass of warm milk to ensure that you’ll get a good night’s sleep and a happier morning.
  1. Snack Right. Smart snacking is another great way to support your goal of having a healthy night sleep and happy morning. For healthy snack options, opt for foods that only contain around 150 calories like a bowl of oatmeal with mashed bananas, or a six-ounce serving of a plain non-fat Greek yogurt.
  1. Pack Up Your Things. Another good way to wake up to a happier and more relaxed morning is to tidy up your home and pack all the things you’ll need for work and for the gym the next day. This way, you’ll wake up to a cleaner space and you’ll have more time to prepare yourself and savour your breakfast.


  1. Create a List. While creating a mental list of the things you’ll need the next day saves more time, it’s still inevitable that you’ll forget something. Instead, list down all the things that you’ll need for the following day, especially the ones that you tend to forget. By adopting this habit, you can already wake up to calmer and more organized morning.
  1. Turn Off Your Gadgets. Keeping your gadgets on all night is what affects your sleep patterns, zapping your energy the next day. Break this habit by skipping on your Netflix binges and unwinding with a magazine or book instead.
  1. Sleep at the Right Time. One thing that will surely make you feel energized and happy in the morning is to ensure that you get at least seven hours of sleep each night. With this, you’ll wake up feeling fabulous and ready to face whatever the day brings.

Waking up in a better mood is actually pretty easy. Just practise these rituals each night and see how much it can change your mood the following day.with-our-antiaging-skin-care-products-your-skin-can-feel-as-refreshe_16001161_35082_0_14087270_500