Best Shaving Cream Alternatives

Whether you’re sick of paying your expensive shaving cream, or just run out of it, there are a lot of alternatives to the formula that can still make shaving possible for you. By going with these alternatives, your wallet won’t just thank you but your legs will be happy as well. So, list down these options that’ll surely leave your skin as smooth as you’re using your regular shaving cream.


  1. Conditioner.  You may not have a shaving cream in your shower, but you sure do have a hair conditioner. In fact, this is one of the most hydrating and cheapest alternative to shave your legs. Don’t waste your high-end conditioner though, but purchase an inexpensive drugstore option that you can use on your legs.
  1. Baby Oil. If you want to reduce your chances of nicking your legs, then use baby oil as an alternative for your shaving cream. With baby oil, you’ll be able to clearly see the area you’re shaving and your razor will slickly glide across your legs. Just make sure though, that you rinse the baby oil properly so you wouldn’t slip.
  1. Raw Honey. Not only is honey great for moisturizing your face, it also works as a great shaving cream alternative. You might think that raw honey will be hard to rinse off, but with just a little water, the honey will surely wash off.Raw-honey-spoonful-POST
  1. Coconut Oil. Prone to razor burns? Then coconut oil is the answer to all your prayers. It has antibacterial and antifungal properties that prevent razor burns from occurring. Other than that, coconut oil also works as a great moisturizer that keeps your legs from drying out.
  1. Body Soap. When all the other household items are gone, leave the shaving job to your trusty body soap. Not only does it work like a shaving cream, you can also get it at such an inexpensive cost.

With these household items that you can use as a shaving alternative, you no longer need to purchase those expensive creams just to get a pair of perfectly shaved legs.Caress