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Creative Bridal Flower Trends You Can Have for Your Own Wedding

On picking your bridal bouquet, it is very easy to get swayed and simply follow what’s on trend or what’s popular in the bridal world. There are lots of Singapore wedding magazines and inspiration blogs on the internet to offer you design ideas — and because there are other aspects of wedding preparations you need to attend to, you can really use all the help you can get.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong in going with common and traditional wedding flowers. It may just be the same old bouquet arrangement your mother used in her own wedding and maybe even her mother before her. As a matter of fact, going with the traditional floral bouquet is likely to make the whole process of choosing flowers a whole lot easier to deal with.

However, since your wedding is among the most special events in your life, it is encouraged to at least put a bit of personal touch to your bouquet and other wedding day floral arrangements. Working alongside a wedding florist will help you achieve the best wedding day blooms a bride could ever hope for. Just don’t be afraid to voice out your concerns and desires to a florist like from Singapore, as your florist will be more than willing to help you settle all the details of your floral needs.

Fortunately, there are other creative alternatives to the traditional wedding floral decor. Choosing a creative bouquet is one perfect opportunity if you want to think outside the box. Your creative streak doesn’t stop there, you can also incorporate unique ideas into bringing your table piece decorations and wedding car décor into life.

Gothic Color Schemes

While most wedding motifs are after the colors of white, pink or gold, you can actually go against tradition and have a dark-colored floral decor. Gothic color schemes include dark purple, dark green, fuchsia and black, among many other options. While this floral color palette may seem tricky to visualize, talk it out with your wedding florist and see if she can create a design board to offer you a glimpse on how it may look like in your actual wedding.

Florists know their way around flowers, and that includes playing around with their colors. Don’t hesitate and be open to their suggestions. These unusual, dark colored-flowers actually possess a certain charm that will enable you to create a gothic and romantic design.

Floral Altar

Your wedding day flowers don’t have to be solely composed of your bouquet, wedding car décor, floral centerpiece, and ceremonial decorations. In fact, you can surround the altar with beautiful flowers as well. This will offer you a memorable yet beautiful venue to exchange vows with your partner on. Aside from that, a floral altar is also fantastic for photos. You can always recall how beautiful the day was even after how many years.

If you are aiming for a minimalist-inspired wedding ceremony, floral altars also make an ideal statement piece. Guests will undoubtedly notice the beauty of these wedding flowers the whole time the ceremony takes place. And with it, there is no need for you to go overboard with the other decorations around the wedding venue.

Hanging Flowers

Common wisdom would say traditional ceremonial floral decor are situated in design posts and vases, but why not consider a hanging flower decoration to complete your centerpiece? There are a lot of indoor wedding venues in Singapore that are spacious enough to hold hanging flowers. This idea isn’t only “out of the box” but is also effective in getting the attention of your guests. Chances are, they’d even marvel at it in awe!

The concept of hanging flowers in wedding isn’t new but we seldom see them in actuality. These are as simple to prepare as the traditional ones, yet far more stunning as it turns your theme into something more special.

Brooch/DIY Bouquets

Who said only flowers can be incorporated into your bridal bouquet? Thanks to a lot of creative advancements in our age, a lot of brides actually take it to themselves to have their bouquets DIY-ed with the inclusion of non-floral design elements. Brooch bouquets are perfect if you are seeking for something different to include in your wedding. They can include pieces of jewelry, faux flowers, crystals and beads — all in the form of your common bouquet arrangement.

While your wedding florist can help you with bringing all the pieces together, you can also opt to design it yourself to make it more personal. These alternative bouquets do not wilt like real flowers, hence you can use them as lifelong keepsake item to remember your wedding day by.

Creative Bouquets

If you think traditional wedding bouquets are too bland and boring, you can always spice it up a bit by unleashing your creativity! There is no rule saying a bridal bouquet must strictly follow a specific form, anyway. You can always personalize your bouquet into statement bridal flowers. The more creative you get, the more it can be the talk of the reception when the ceremony is over.

For instance, ‘caged’ floral bouquets are making it big now as it combines elements of romance and industrial minimalism. Note that this trend isn’t common in Singapore wedding ceremonies yet. Not only is it a fresh new take, but this alternative actually makes the traditional bouquet a lot more special.

Let your creativity blossom like your wedding flowers! You don’t always have to settle with the traditional arrangement of wedding bouquets. While there is nothing wrong in choosing the common arrangement as it is, there is also no harm done in spicing things up by adding a personal touch to your bouquet. In fact, having creative alternatives for your wedding flowers makes the whole event a lot more special.