Holiday Gift Ideas for the Foodies


Now that we’re just a month away from Christmas, you have probably started searching for the perfect holiday gifts for your loved ones. And while we don’t have a complete gift guide for all of your friends and family members, we’ve rounded up a few holiday gift ideas for the food enthusiasts in your life.


  1. Chocolate Shaver

There’s nothing more elegant than very thinly-shaved chocolate pieces topping a homemade decadent cake. Grant your friend this gourmet satisfaction by getting her a high-quality chocolate shaver.

  1. Spice Collection

Do you want to make your foodie extremely happy and excited? Give her a collection of fun spices. Nothing provides better cooking inspiration than having a new set of flavours and spices. You can hunt for these amazing gifts at your local spice shops or even online.

  1. Knife Sharpener

A dull knife makes food preparation annoying and time-consuming, not to mention the danger of accidentally cutting yourself. To keep the knives in tip-top condition, we recommend getting your friend a trustee knife sharpener. Look for one that has a grip to sit sturdily on the kitchen counter for safer and more convenient use.electric-sharpener-and-knife1

  1. Wooden Salad Servers

Instead of their metal counterparts, wooden salad servers make charming holiday gift for a food enthusiast.  Look for one with unique shape and form for an extra appeal. Your friend will surely feel extra eco-friendly by eating greens with wooden utensils that are made from environmentally friendly wood.

  1. Mortar and Pestle

It is a must-have kitchen tool that—ironically—you can’t find in enough household kitchens. A molcajete set is a beautiful choice for a gift. We promise your friend will love making guacamole from scratch with this thoughtful gift you have for her.

  1. Stylish Apron

Looking for something stylish and functional for your chef friend? Get her an elegant homemade apron. Well, you don’t really have to make it yourself; just look for one that’s unique and you know your foodie friend will love.

Hunting for gifts for your favourite foodies can be tricky. But with these holiday gift ideas, we hope we’ve helped you in figuring out some of your Christmas shopping dilemmas.