Tips to Pull Off a Bright Lip Colour

Bright-coloured lips are a great way to put some little pep in your sexy pout, but when the colour starts fading, so does its punch. If you want keep your bright lip colour from dulling throughout the day, trying doing these tips to achieve a fade-free look.Duo-toned-bright-lipstick

  1. Prep Up Your Lips. The best way to achieve a fade-free look is to properly exfoliate your lips beforehand. Put a bit of sugar and water on your toothbrush, then gently brush it over your lips. After that, blot a bit of translucent powder over your lips to serve as an adhesive that’ll hold your lip colour for an extended period of time. If you want, you can also use lip priming products beneath your lip colour to intensify your lip colour even more.
  1. Use Longer-Lasting Lip Products. If you’re planning to achieve a fade-free look, then it would be best to use longer-lasting lip products. Sheer and gloss lip products aren’t suited to achieve this look. Instead, opt for lip stains or matte lipsticks to get the job done.
  1. Embrace Lip Liner. A sloppy lipstick application isn’t an option, especially if you’re rocking a bright lip shade. So avoid this from happening by bringing your lip liner out. Not only do lip liners ensure that your colour is evenly applied, it also ensures that your pout is perfectly outlined. If you’re feeling like a pro, you can use a contrasting liner to create a two-toned effect, or completely change the shape of your lips.

essence lip liners4

  1. Avoid Overdoing It. In sporting bright lips, everything is all about balance. Bold lips, bold eyes and fully contoured face? That might work for the Oscars, but it’ll be a too intense for your office. Instead, make your bright lips the main attraction and let your other makeup play supporting roles. You can sport an intense fuchsia pout and pair it with a dewy makeup look, defined brows and lashings of mascara. This combination will surely let your lips reign, while still giving a polished makeup look.
  1. Wear It With Confidence. There’s really no proven trick on how you can successfully pull off a bright lip look. Once you’ve put your lip colour on, the only thing left for you to do is go out into the world knowing that you look drop-dead gorgeous. Confidence is the best beauty secret anyone can have.

Embracing a bold lip colour can be a tricky prospect if you’re not used to wearing them, but by following these tips, you’ll surely be able to pull off and rock the bold pout that you’ve always wanted.