Wonderful Reasons to Eat Cheese


You do not need an expert to tell you that cheeses play an important role in your health. It is thereby important to consume it – regardless of the type. There are many cheeses in the world – some are unique in their own region while others are very common. Here in Singapore for example, you often hear cheddar, parmesan and mozzarella cheese from your pizza orders.

Throughout history, it has been part of human diet as well as a gourmet food. It is indeed delicious plus nutritious. Speaking of nutrition, you have to know the nutrition facts of cheese so you can continue patronage and share it to your friends as well. Here are the good reasons for eating cheese:

  • Protein: Let it be known that cheeses are an exceptional source of protein. For example, a slice of cheddar cheese (about 28 grams) holds 6.7 grams of protein – this is similar to a glass of milk. The milk proteins are rich in essential amino acids plus it is highly digestible. Proteins are excellent agents that can promote lower blood pressure and improved absorption of minerals in your digestive tract.


  • Fat: The fat content of a cheese depends on its type. Cheeses have intense saturated fat (about seventy percent) and monounsaturated. Have you heard about ruminant Trans fats? If you haven’t, you should know that it is good for the body if consumed in reasonable amounts.

  • Carbs: The carb content of cheese depends on the aging, type and brand. The carbohydrate in milk is referred to as lactose. During the production, the lactose is broken down into two things – glucose and galactose. If you are lactose intolerant, this is not the best for you. If you are not, always remember to consume it moderately.


  • Vitamins and minerals: The good news is that cheese is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. This is not a surprise since cheeses are made from milk. You will get calcium, vitamin B12, phosphorus, sodium, zinc, selenium, vitamin A, riboflavin and vitamin K2.

There is no doubt that cheeses are beneficial for your health. This is enough reason to consume it. However, you have to be cautious because there are some cheeses who warn for consuming only moderate slices.

If you want to know more about cheeses, you have to learn some of its features, kinds and types so you won’t be easily fooled in the market. Remember that the color can vary from white to yellow and green depending on its type.